Traffic Attorney in Tysons Corner, VA

Traffic Attorney in Tysons Corner, VA

traffic court

No one in Tysons Corner, VA or nearby areas wants to lose their license or have their insurance rates to skyrocket. Some traffic cases, such as reckless driving and driving under the influence, are really criminal cases that can result in jail time. Some courts will give you a day or two in jail for going just 15 miles over the limit. (Did you ever reach 70 mph on the Beltway?)

Debra Goldenberg will help analyze your case to determine whether you have a realistic chance of winning. If there is a defense, she will litigate your rights aggressively. Sometimes it is better to plea bargain and minimizes your damage. Is it better for you to pay a fine or fight and risk losing your license? If this is the best solution for you, she will guide you through your best steps to place you in the nest position before the court.

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